Make Your Dream of Waterfront Living Come True in Muskoka and Cottage Country

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Is it your dream to relax on your dock in a chair on a lazy summer afternoon, going for a refreshing swim on a hot day, having a barbecue and cocktails on the deck with your family and friends, or taking a boat cruise down the lake in the evening? Or how about enjoying a nice crisp winter’s morning skiing across a frozen lake? If you are starting your search for buying a home or cottage property in the Muskoka and Cottage Country area, you may soon figure out that it can turn out be a daunting task, but not so much if you have an experienced realtor from the area who knows the local real estate market well. Read on to learn how you too can own a piece of the amazing recreational real estate in this area and live a high life for a price that's less than half of what a decent property would cost you in Toronto.

  • Looking for waterfront cottages? What better place to find it than here!

Muskoka area is renowned for its breathtaking shorelines and the waterfront living opportunities it provides to the residents. There are more than 680 lakes in the area that are larger than 8 hectares in size, which is the reason why it's getting a lot of attention in the real estate market, especially for audiences who want to own waterfront cottages and have a larger than life experience living there. Communities in and around Cottage Country and Muskoka offer similar opportunities for home buyers

  • Recreational Real Estate in Cottage Country, Muskoka

The area has been blessed with a number of recreational activities and opportunities. Long serene seashore is a paradise for beach lovers and swimming enthusiasts. From boating and snowboarding to hunting in the jungle to catching fishes for fun, you can enjoy just about every kind of activity that nature lovers die (and live) for. Kayaks can go between the little islands located in and around the waterfronts. Almost every household in the area has a kayak to have some nice time going around in the lakes as they can traverse into shallow areas that most motor boats can’t. If you enjoy bird watching, you can get really close to the loons in the lakes of the area. All of this can chill you out more than a couple of beers or four martinis. 

  • Residents of the area are environment conscious

Residents of Cottage Country and Muskoka are gaining more interest in preserving and exploring the nearby shorelines, forest area, waterfront, and marshes rather than obliterating them. Considering the positive intent and growing awareness for eco-friendliness in the residents is a very welcome trend because it’s better for not just the environment but their families too in the end. This makes the area and the surrounding neighborhoods a nice option for buyers who think that investing in renovating their existing home and buying a recreational property in this area is better than buying an expensive property in Toronto.

  • Need help in finding the perfect deal in the area?

Who'd be better to help you out in locating some hidden gems in the neighborhood than a full-time professional realtor who was born and brought up in the Muskoka area? Being a local real estate expert who grew up on the waterfront in Cottage Country in Ontario, Canada, I can share with you a thing or two about finding some really good property deals and where the value-for-money properties in Muskoka are located. There are large condos and vacation homes for sale, with ample open space around them, located amidst the natural beauty peculiar of the lakes in the area with access to some really picturesque views. In case you have a larger budget, I can help you find a decent residential property which looks worth more than a few million dollars, but actually, it'd cost less than a third of what you'd expect it to sell for. If this wasn't enough, there are acres of land in the lap of nature ready to be acquired for cheap before the market goes up as more and more people flock to Muskoka to find that dream vacation home they wanted for their retirement or recreation. Working with me, you can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars if you rather went searching for properties on your own. So, what are you waiting for?

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